Dale Morrison

When Dale Morrison was 10 years old his dad left a long-standing career to become a Pastor/Evangelist. While Dale watched and worshipped under his dad’s leadership his young heart was touched and dreams of ministerial work commenced.

Dale’s dad, Pastor John Morrison, started a radio ministry in 1984. Through weekly radio broadcasts and a correspondence Bible study program, Pastor John shared the good news of Jesus Christ throughout Eastern Iowa. Dale shared this same passion for radio ministry and when John passed away in 2011, Dale revived and continues to witness through the radio ministry and growing online programs with Message For Today.

Pastor Dale is a native Minnesotan, “God’s Country” as he calls it. He migrated with his family to Iowa in 1980 when his dad accepted a ministerial position in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City. He there met his wonderful wife, Leesa who has supported his ministry in various positions in the church. They have been married since 1985. They have two amazing adult children. Dale is an avid golfer and enjoys officiating basketball in the winter months.

Dale has pastored the Iowa City SDA Church since 2003. He enjoys working with the diverse cultures and ages through Bible Studies, teaching Sabbath School classes, and leading out in various ministries.